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"We just take the lead the industry rather than compete."
17 years career of field agricultural machine manufacturing.
The best field agricultural machine manufacturer!
  • Complex working machine in which plowing work + ridging formation + plastic mulching work.
  • Convenient detachable system regardless the kinds of tractor.
  • All in one type machine which performs both ridging formation and seeding at the same time.
  • As tractor attachment type, its attachment and detachment is easy.
  • Manufactured with special spring steel, it has the strong durability.
  • Excellent work performance even in the steep slope
  • Convenient attachment and detachment with 3-point linkage of tractor.
  • Garlic and onion harvest is available by adopting back and forth vibration device.
  • We adopted hose auto stop device based on electronic clutch.
  • Safety stop bar is attached to winding head - Safety secured.
  • Equipped with transmission dedicated to power carrier, it can realize the ideal performance.
  • It contributes the production increase by doubled work efficiency caused from 3 directional open and close of loading box.
  • Easy and simple using method.
  • High capacity germination is certified.
  • Instrument panel in which work effectiveness is considered.
  • Korea’s first screw transport system adopted.
  • Cutting length is freely controllable.
  • Best function, performance and efficiency, the lowest price.
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