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Ridging plastic mulcher - Female friendly type
Female friendly type multi-purpose complex machine by Bulls!
BG-800BSS(small tractor)
BG-600B(cultivating tractor)
  • This female friendly type multi-purpose complex machine can perform the various work for small sized tractor(35HP above) and cultivating tractor.
  • Excellent labor saving effect as plowing work + ridging formation and plastic mulching work are all available.
  • Convenient attachment and detachment.
Model Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
Length Width Height
BG-800BSS 2450 1900 980 570
BG-600B 1800 1700 830 360
Model Main machine Ridge type Function Usage
Ridge Spray Mulching
BG-800BSS Small size tractor(Min. 35HP) 2 round ridges  
BG-600B Cultivating tractor 1 flat ridge

Specification can be changed without notice for upgrade.
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