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Seed germinator
  • Safe with high end sound information service
    - For the first user, elderly person, and female user, our device will solve your anxiety.
  • Easy and simple to use
    - If you supply only power, germination will be completed after 48 hours.
  • Dual safety ensures maximized safety.
    - Built-in self-leakage circuit breaker, double relay type.
  • Proven ability to germinate with high capacity
    - Experience the capacity up to 800Kg of dry rice seed for one time.
  • Convenient heater and rice cloth net stand
    - Punching on the left and right sides and upper layer enable smooth bubble generation, and the heater part is removable, always located in the center of container, it is easy to work.
  • Instrument panel considering efficiency of work
    - Set temperature and current temperature are displayed respectively, so it is not confused at work and temperature control is easy, maximizing efficiency of work.
  • Eco-friendly hot water disinfection
    - Disinfection at 60°C for 10 minutes
Model Power Capacity(dry seed rice, Kg) Remark
BG-300A AC 220V 60㎐ 300~500 exclude water vessel
BG-300B AC 220V 60㎐ 300~500 include water vessel
BG-600A AC 220V 60㎐ 300~800 exclude water vessel
BG-600B AC 220V 60㎐ 300~800 exclude water vessel
BG-600K AC 220V 60㎐ 300~800 include water vessel and cover

Specification can be changed without notice for upgrade.
1. Fit the heater to the rice seed support.
2. Place the pedestal in the center of the container.
→ Place a piece of wood around the pedestal so that the rice seedlings do not touch the floor.
3. The center of the rice seed net is slightly empty and piled up on the edge. Be careful not to press the air hose.
4. Fill the rice with water so that the rice seeds are fully submerged and add seed sterilization solution.
Turn on the power. (Be sure to check the operation of the air pump)
When the voice guide comes out normally, cover the vinyl or heat shield. (Air inlet required)
5. The factory setting temperature is 32 ℃. The temperature button is not operated because the temperature rises gradually for 6 ~ 7 hours after starting work.
Turn off the power and drain the water when the rice seeds are about 1 mm in about 48 hours.
After removing the rice seed net and putting it on a pallet, etc., and covering it with a heat cover for about 12 hours or overnight, the rice seeds grow about 1 mm and become 2 mm. (This is the most suitable if sowing)

※ Germination time may vary slightly depending on the variety of rice seed and the place of work.
It is convenient for work because it has heater fixing stand.
Adopting twin-pair union air diffuser Bubble generation by strong winds Maximized oxygen content in water Good germination
Rice seedling
Durable and beautiful high quality plastic material is used to make air bubble to all the directions with scientific design.
Scientifically designed air bubble omni-directional discharge
Maintain the same temperature in the vessel due to the large amount of bubbles in the left and right sides and upper layer Good and uniform germination
The generation of lots of fine bubble is most effective for gentle and uniform germination because a large amount of air bubbles spread evenly in water.
□ Optional / prefabricated pedestal
- - It can be connected and installed according to the volume of bucket as a prefabricated pedestal.
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