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17 years career of field agricultural machine manufacturing.
The best field agricultural machine manufacturer!
"We just take the lead the industry rather than compete."
Agricultural power carrier
Powerful caterpillar vehicle!
  • We realized the ideal function as equipped with transmission dedicated to power carrier.
  • It contributes the production increase by doubled work efficiency caused from 3 directional open and close of loading box.
  • It is suitable to farm environment as everybody can control easily.
  • It can naturally pass the bumpy road as equipped with equalizer of caterpillar.
  • Convenient centralized system(all functions are controllable from one control panel)
Model Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg) Loadage(Kg) Lift height(mm)
BG-3000H 2200 × 980 × 1125 405 500 1200(Ground to loading box)
BG-3000 2200 × 980 × 1125 325 500 Not applicable
Model Engine(HP) Transmission Engine Ignition Fuel tank
BG-3000H Rating 6.5
Max. 8
Gasoline Engine
3-forward speed
2-backward speed
Ignition Key
Recoil starter
5 liters
BG-3000 Ratine 6.5
Max. 8
Gasoline Engine
3-forward speed
2-backward speed
Ignition Key
Recoil starter
5 liters

Specification can be changed without notice for upgrade.
  • One-touch starter key
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Transmission
    (3-speed forward, 2-speed backward)
Robust infrastructure and wide range
Durability of lower frame, safety was secured by the realization of maximized diameter of cylinder which is best in class.
Convenient centralized control unit
All operating functions are gathered on the handle, thus safety and work efficiency are doubled.
Up and down operation can be done in loading box(BG-3000H)
Safety and workability doubling as up and down control is available in loading box during high position operation
Engine and hydraulic pump protection cover
Protects engine and hydraulic pump from various foreign substances during operation
→ Failure prevention and durability enhancement.
Built-in complete safety device
Emergency stop switch built-in: Immediate stop when pressed
Driving lever safety device: Starter is not operated when it is located in driving.
Convenient back door switchgear(BG-3000)
Automatically opens the rear door at the time of dump to double work efficiency.
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